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I spent the July 4th weekend actually feeling like I am back in the United States, by enjoying our National Parks! I have to thank my desi friends for a great trip. While we had a few misadventures (like driving to the wrong place initially), the beautiful weather and amazing scenery couldn’t be beat. Unfortunately, 4 days were not enough time! I didn’t want to leave…

I learned one important thing on this trip. Look out for people who really know what is going on. There are often people around (besides park rangers) who can provide you with excellent information about what you are seeing or about to see. And the great thing is that most of these enthusiasts want to share what they know (and even their gear!). This is how we got to see the Grand Geyser erupt (the world’s tallest) and how we got to see a huge grizzly bear.

Other than that, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Grand Tetons

Pink and blue sky reflected in the Yellowstone Lake

Bison using the road as their trail

Prismatic Spring

Elk grazing

Perfect walkway for skipping stones on the lake

Perfect place for a kayak

Wishing this was my view everyday

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