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I’ve been living in Dallas just about 3.5 months (with multiple trips elsewhere). I won’t miss the unseasonably hot weather that accompanied most of my stay, but there are a few things that I have grown accustomed to and will miss.

  • The wide open streets with many lanes and a rush hour that often only lasts for one hour. Although when there is an accident on the highway, 4 or 5 lanes of traffic always become just one lane to get around the fire trucks and cops on scene, no matter the size of the accident.
  • The expediency of automated toll lanes, which crisscross the city. This is clearly a place made for people who want to drive (fast).
  • Central Market – a wonderful grocery store, something like Trader Joe’s on steroids
  • Taj Mahal Imports – an enormous indian grocery store with tasty street snacks and drinks (and wonderful mangos) located in an area that has been affectionately named “Indian Ghetto” for the large number of indian shops
  • The local library (I’ve heard a few comments that CA libraries aren’t good – lack of books and bad smells – something I’ll have to verify.)
  • No state tax! (especially compared to the high state taxes of CA)
  • Update: I forgot to mention my favorite place for ping pong and shuffle board Gator’s.

I might even possibly miss swimming outside when I am normally sleeping.

I won’t miss complaining about the heat, people making references to the Dallasseries that I don’t understand or Cowboy Cheerleaders, stop lights that haven’t been calibrated for traffic flow, yelp and google reviews that rave about restaurants with less than mediocre food (definitely low food standards here), miles and miles of shopping centers and malls, and golf courses carved into the flat land.


In other (more important) news, yesterday I finally heard that the apartment application has “almost been approved.” They are still trying to verify one piece of information. Meanwhile, I have to set up the forwarding address with the post office…

Stay tuned; I’m really looking forward to telling you about the road trip from Dallas to LA that I have planned. It begs to be a great adventure, and that’s not just because all of the packing will finally be done.

It’s summer in Texas.

I had a long list of outdoor activities that I wanted to do when I returned to the U.S. Well, I’m here…and in past month, I haven’t done much beyond going inline skating twice and taking walks (just before going to sleep, which is the only point in the day that the temperature is below 97 degrees) several times a week.

This post might seem to be about how awfully hot and humid it is here.

I complain about how there is nothing to do here because it’s too hot. But the truth is that there is just not much to do here. Or at least not for someone like me, and by that I mean someone without extended family, children, school and sporting events, or a very settled life to keep them entertained.

Dallas is a great city…for people who want plenty of space near good schools to raise their children who are driven to practices and recitals. But for me, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ve visited the 2 museums downtown. I’ve been to the arboretum and the hour away Ft. Worth Botanic gardens (neither of which I would recommend in the over 100 degree heat we’re having). Twice, I’ve been to thenature reserve” that everyone raves about, although it leaves me wondering if those people know the meaning of “Arbor” or “Hills.”

But I continue to find myself frustrated with a lack of things to do here.

I don’t care for sports, professional, college, or little league. I don’t have children, nor all that their lives entail. I don’t like shopping, despite the malls and shopping centers lining the highways for tens of miles.

So this city leaves me (and any guests visiting me) wondering what there is to do. I have found that there are some tasty restaurants (beyond Tex-Mex & steak houses), and I quite enjoy the amazing thunderstorms and lightening shows.  See, this is a problem — if you ask me about Dallas, I can only recommend the ethnic food and the thunderstorms. Actually, there’s also a great Indian grocery store, and I have been known to take my guests there for a treat:)

I hope it’s clear to you now that this post is actually a plea for more ideas.

Suggestions? Recommendations?

I expect to be leaving this city soon, but first, I want to unearth some gems.


Before you start, let me say:

I haven’t been to Six Flags Over Texas since a High School band trip. (This is mostly because I don’t care to stand in line in the heat and sun, but don’t forget that without some serious coupons, the standard price is $75/person. Yikes!)

Also, I have only gone to 1 or 2 movies in the theater. (I’ve never been a big tv watcher, and after tons of bootlegged copies of movies and tv shows in Afghanistan, I prefer to take a break for awhile.)


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