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Finally, I can see the end to this awful heat. It isn’t because Dallas has cooled down at all. (No, it was 97 degrees at 9:30pm last night so we went for a swim!)

I can finally announce that M and I will be moving California – Los Angeles, or rather Hollywood, to be specific. The interviews are over, the visa is transferred, and we’re in the midst of a frantic dash to take care of a lot of moving details.

By far, the most difficult aspect has been finding a place to live. Partially, the challenge has been because it is very expensive if you want a short commute, but the most difficult requirement was finding a place with less than a year lease. In and around DC, this is pretty easy to find if you rent from landlords, rather than an apartment complex. Based on my search, I’d say 98% of LA residents renting out an apartment, guest house, or duplex require a year lease. (Perhaps if we were willing to battle an awful commute each work day we could have found a more flexible lease arrangement in the burbs; I don’t know.)

Once I finally found a potential apartment, the paperwork required to secure it was actually more than was required to buy a condo and get a mortgage in Northern Virginia. (Apparently, after reconciling yourself to the terrible traffic of L.A., you must next completely re-calibrate your expectations for getting things done in CA, which is “a litigious state” I’ve been told). Sadly, I’m still sitting in limbo, waiting to find out whether the application will be approved. One of the required application items was proof of rental history for the previous 2 years. That’s when I realized that I don’t have a scrap of paper (or contact to refer to) to prove that I was residing in Afghanistan for 10 months, and even if I did, I’m not sure it would really help my application.

In the meantime, I’m trying to assume that it will all work out ok, and seeing this video, which is pretty great, reminds me how lucky I am to have my kind of problems.

It’s great seeing real ingenuity being used  to substantially improve people’s lives.

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