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I’m having so much fun that I feel like I’m celebrating my birthday all month.

I had a great time visiting with my friends in DC. The real advantage of crashing on a couch or staying in a spare bedroom is that you have so much time to catch up. (Usually, it feels a bit forced when you’re trying to catch up on so many things in a short time.) I really enjoyed getting into the flow of my friends’ lives. I was also supposed to be working while in DC, but since most of the people I wanted to meet with weren’t available, I ended up with more time to hang out with my friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I also peeked into my storage unit… That was a strange experience. To start, I was happy to see that a year ago I labeled about 85% of the boxes, which meant I didn’t open too many unnecessary boxes (of dishes or cleaning supplies). I needed to grab some summer clothes and some suits. After a year of wearing clothes from only 2 suitcases, it was pretty exciting to see my clothes. There were so many different colors! It was difficult to decide what to take and what to leave. And, every day that I put on a “new” shirt I feel as if it’s a gift.

The humidity in Dallas is pretty oppressive right now. The people who live here say the weather is nice… Stepping off the plane felt like stepping into a sauna to me. However, it’s perfect for roller blading, eating frozen yogurt, and bbq sandwiches.

And so my adjustment to living in the US continues as I turn one year older.

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