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Note: While I was abroad for the past year, I had quite a bit of time away from the day-to-day hassles to think about and research some of the ways I wanted to improve my life. I have a long list of things that I want to do or try out. You’ll probably see posts about some of these in the future.

I read quite a bit about people who have cut down on the amount of chemicals they use in their homes. I have been wanting to try simple cleaning with vinegar, or in combination with water, baking soda, or salt, for many months. I thought I would try to incorporate it into some basic cleaning.

However, when I got to Dallas, there was a need for deep cleaning. I wasn’t sure how/if it would work, although I had read that the vinegar and baking soda combo works great on hard-to-remove oven grime. So I put some vinegar in a sprat bottle and applied it to the sink.

I should note that I started with the side that was dirtier, and even had areas with rust, and as you can see from the pic, everything came off.

Also, the right sink has the tray from the bottom of the water dispenser of the refrigerator. Water sat there so long that the tray turned green. I sprinkled a little salt on it and added vinegar, and all of the green grime lifted off the metal to be easily wiped away.

For more tips for using vinegar, try this link.

Edit: Since I wrote this, I used vinegar and water for cleaning the inside of the microwave and the bathroom mirror. Note – in the above link, it’s suggested to use an ammonia combo for glass and mirrors. Instead, I found this example and was going to add a couple drops of dish soap, but first, I tried with just the water and vinegar — I got a clean mirror and no streaks, although that may be because it probably has been 6 months since the mirror was last cleaned!

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