After leaving the Grand Canyon, we began the final day of the road trip to L.A. All of my previous trips to the Grand Canyon had stopped there so I was curious about the topography of southeast CA. You leave the Canyon behind pretty quickly to be replaced by just a lot of desert, and then there was the inspection station, as a sort of “welcome to California.”

That was when I noticed that the interstate was suddenly being taken over by boats and jet skis. Truck after truck pulling devices for the water crowded the road. (Boats were far and few between through AZ.) I-40 goes along the edge of the Mojave Desert. It seemed quite strange.

Where were they going? The road was crowded with them until we got closer to the major roads for L.A. and San Diego. Where were they coming from? They had also been enjoying the Colorado River over the weekend, from a different perspective.

The Colorado River, after going through the Grand Canyon, continues along into NV and along the border of AZ and CA to create several nice lake areas. And the boaters of Southern CA come out in full force on the weekends to enjoy the lesser known waters to the East (ok, lesser known to me – I figured everyone goes to the ocean; it’s definitely a lot closer). Lake Havasu is a major recreation area. But don’t trust me, check out this video to see where much of the Southern California (SoCal) partiers go for their 3-day weekends.