As I mentioned in my post about cleaning, I’m trying out a bunch of things that I read about last year while abroad. Since finding out that lentils really can taste good (thanks to a wonderful cook in Kabul), I have been trying to incorporate them into my diet. And as an apartment dweller, I’m often looking for easy ways to grow things, preferably things I can eat. When I learned that bean sprouts are substantially more nutritious and more easily digestible than seeds I wanted to see how easy it really is to produce them at home.

Here’s a quick video and a descriptive website about how to make bean sprouts.

It really is that easy. Watching the seed turn into food in a few days is pure instant gratification! This is what I produced after a mere 3 days!

Sprouts are great for salads, stir fry, and whipped in the blender for shakes and salad dressings. (Actually, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys eating peas (pod and all) fresh off the plant, you may enjoy eating sprouts as a snack.)


Once you get started with the basics, you can do more research (and experimenting) with other options like almonds and grains.

Note: my half cup of lentils turned into over 3 cups of sprouts so start small 🙂