Note: For some of you, this post is under the heading of “Too Much Information,” but I think that it’s particularly important to work against our natural inclination to cherry-coat our lives for public consumption.

Thursday I woke up with a swollen right hand and a light rash on the sides of my abdomen. Both places itched terribly. By that evening, I had to take antihistamines to make it bearable.

Friday was worse. This is a picture of a fraction of the rash on one of my sides.

A nurse practitioner gave me a script for steroids and more antihistamines. While the itching was somewhat controlled, the rash continued to spread Saturday. I felt a bit like when Spiderman unlocks the black spider-suit and it covers him. Luckily, I was able to see a doctor Monday. Among other things, he ordered a huge dose of steroids to be administered just like in the movies!

It was the most painless experience I’ve had with needles, from blood draws to vaccinations. And more importantly, it seems to have worked. The rash on my legs still itches, but everything is slowly clearing up.

Despite the completely unknown cause, I’m thanking my lucky stars it happened when it did; a week later would have messed up my Yellowstone trip, which I leave for tomorrow!