For the 2 months that I’m in Spain, I’m doing some combination of traveling and squatting. I just finished 2 weeks of almost exclusive traveling. And while the time wasn’t what I would call frantic, finally sitting at my computer to work, pay bills, respond to emails, and just generally catch up feels quite welcome. And I’m so glad that I arrived at a hotel with consistent, reliable internet yesterday. (High speed internet is found across Spain, but internet access at the overwhelming majority of hotels is downright crappy, leaving you searching for tapas restaurants, bars, or other attractions with the WiFi sign posted.)

For the next few days, I will be squatting in the amazingly green town of Santiago de Compostela. It’s in Galacia, a region culturally quite different from the rest of Spain, due to the geography (north of Portugal and mountains) and history (Celts settled the region). The region gets a lot of rain, similar to Ireland, so all of the rocks and buildings are covered with moss, grasses, and ivy, giving the whole place a very old, homey feeling.

Most people associate the town with St. James, who lived in the region (although I think all of the other references about his body being returned and found years later were part of a marketing campaign, at the time to convince the christians to kick the Moors out of Spain). And as part of the association with St. James, the town is the end of El Camino de Santiago (or Way of St. James). It’s a big pilgrimage for Catholics.

This makes the place perfect for getting some work done while having some small things to see and do.