It took 3 planes, 2 subways, 1 train, 2 trams, and a lot of walking to get to my current destination.

I looked into quite a few different options, but with only 4 days to buy tix out of Kabul, I had to go with my back-up plan. Don’t feel bad; it’s a highly ranked back-up plan.

It just so happens that my buddy owns a condo in Spain, where he and his family vacation. He was kind enough to offer it to me as soon as he heard about my situation. So I am located in a rather quaint Spanish town about 10 kilometers from the beach. I’m decompressing entirely – reading, journaling and doing other writing, watching tv, researching, walking around town, getting to know some of the friendly shopkeepers, trying to figure out what I used to do in the kitchen, taking walks in the countryside, doing a little work and training for my company, and just spending time thinking and planning. I’ll hang out here for 3 weeks and then travel around a bit of Spain for 2 more weeks. This is my first visit to Spain so I’d love to hear suggestions for where to go.


Amusing fact – I tried to get some friends to go to Spain with me last Spring when I saw some particularly cheap plane tix (this was well before Afghanistan was on my radar). That never came together, but here I am only a year later how a much longer visit.