Change is in the air. I thought it was just a role change as I discussed in my last post. But, in fact, it’s much bigger.

If you’ve been reading the news lately, specifically about the budget that Congress can not agree on, you probably have heard about massive cuts in USAID. I know several projects that have suddenly started sending people home because they can’t assume that they will have funding next quarter or next year. (These large projects often require a ramp down period for finishing work, leaving houses, and closing the books.)

Several of my friends are leaving due to these cuts. And, yesterday, I learned that I am another person being cut. The project management is quick to say that the cuts are unrelated to performance, which is true, but the further truth is that, like the nepotism of the Afghans, there is some clear favoritism in the people remaining on the project. That’s just a reality of work.

And so:

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

It looks like, instead of my new exciting role, I will be hitting the skies in about a week. There is a slight chance I could find another project or even another job in that time. But most likely I will find myself with quite a bit of unexpected time on my hands.

So my question to you (my few faithful readers) is: where would you go or what would you do if you could do just about anything?