A few random thoughts from my trip to Turkey:

Traffic – Seeing the traffic of the city completely stopped or moving at a crawl makes me thankful I don’t have a car so I don’t have the option to try to drive.

Turkish Men – I’ve read about them being sleazy, assuming a woman traveling alone is a whore… But I was unexpected by just how sleazy a couple of them I came across were.

Istanbul a Second Time – It’s an easy city to navigate, but by the time you are doing it a second time, the trams, metro, streets, and airport are a breeze.

Just Ask – If I was asked what I learned from this trip, I would sum it up in the two words: just ask. From asking for peanut butter, to getting an earlier bus, to getting on an earlier flight, to finding the trail, to getting warmed rolls on a flight when you missed the meal, to getting to sleep in a tent, to skipping the sales pitch at the end of a tour… You just don’t know what is possible if you don’t ask. Remember, typically the worst that can happen is they say no, but I only have 2 examples of Nos from the trip.