As anticipated, I spent a few days in Istanbul and then traveled to Cappadocia to hike around the beautiful environment and see the underground cities.

Then I took an overnight bus to Antalya. (Note: worst bus experience with two children throwing up, windy roads, continual picking up and dropping off passengers despite being “express”, lights on, attendants grabbing back of seat, etc.)

Personally, I didn’t care for Antalya (and felt oppressed by the humidity), but from there, I took a dulmus to see Termessos.

While it was difficult to get to, it was exactly the kind of hiking and exploring I really enjoy, and absolutely beautiful.

Then I bused to Fethiye, which was another beautiful ride. I didn’t spend any time in Fethiye except to catch a dulmus to a tiny spot another traveler recommended called Kabak. When I arrived there, I hike 25 minutes down into the valley…

to get to the small cabins and tents, where I would stay.

This place was just the kind of thing I enjoy (totally appealed to my hippie side), but it was fairly lonely compared to my evenings spent in hostel dorm rooms.

Then I went to Sakilikent Gorge, which seemed fairly similar to Zion National Park, but with only one major river crossing to navigate.

After so many bus rides, I learned of a small local airport (again, from another traveler) and decided to splurge and fly back to Istanbul, spending my remaining days there, rather than 2 days on a bus.