On the way to the Kabul airport, I started feeling a little down. I can’t pinpoint exactly why. It seemed to be some combination of feeling like I’m leaving my “home” while listening to a melancholy song the driver had tuned the radio to. As I was noticing this feeling and telling myself I was being silly, I saw a vehicle drive by in the other lane that changed my mood completely.

In the past 3.5 months in Kabul, I’ve seen just about everything possible packed into or being lifted out of the trunk of a car. It’s very common to see a car pilled to the roof with the traditional Afghan nan (bread). One day, I saw a car piled high with a light-colored squares about 4″x7″. At first glance, I thought they were squares of cheese, but then I was informed that they were sponges (like the kind you see when the cheerleaders are raising money by doing a car wash). When driving along Butcher St., it’s common to see a huge leg of beef sticking out, with a couple plastic sacks laid down to protect either the meat or the floor of the trunk.  Similarly, I’ve seen an entire lamb being pulled out of a trunk. About a week ago, I saw some men lifting a full-sized refrigerator out of the back of a car (with the seats down).

And today, on the way to the airport, I saw a car coasting at almost 40mph with the trunk completely open, and 2 men were sitting inside the trunk facing each other.

After 3.5 months, this place still makes me smile.