I’m headed to Land of the Turks today. Everyone that I’ve talked with raves about the bazaars, beaches, culture, geography, history, sights, etc. More than one person told me that it doesn’t really matter where you go because everything in Turkey is worthwhile. (Can any place meet that kind of praise?)

I haven’t planned any more of my trip than in my last post. I’ll be spending some time in Istanbul, followed by Cappadocia, and then I’ll decide what’s next when I’m there.

I think it will be very disconcerting for me. No guards, no translators, no drivers dropping me off exactly where I need to be, no exact plan of where I need to be when, no daily workout, no one else worrying about my safety, no house mates with their strange quirks, no weekly work reports.

Still the change will be good for me. I look forward to exploring without any specific schedule. To fresh air. To walking until my legs are sore. To trying new foods. To spontaneity.

But first, I need to pack…