Today is the official first day of Ramadan, based on the viewing of the moon in Saudi Arabia.

The government offices are closed today so I’m working from home.

Having spent the last 2.5 months around people who love their tea, coffee, cigarettes (some Afghans), sweets, and food in general, I am quite curious to see what the next month of fasting during daylight hours will look like. I also haven’t really decided what I will do about it personally. Will I eat my morning snack in the office? Will I keep my bottle (or two) of water on my desk and drink from it throughout the day? Will I tell my officemates about my scrumptious Afghan lunches? (Note: some time ago office arrangements changed, and now I am the only expat, and woman, in an office with 7 Afghan guys. I get along great with “the guys,” but I expect some crankiness to ensue in the next couple weeks…)

On an unrelated note, Afghanistan tragedies, which happen all the time, have recently come to the world stage because they affected expats. If you’re curious about some of the events, here is some commentary in the news:

10 Aid Workers Killed

Attack on Guesthouse Revised: this second article only got a few hours of airtime. It was originally released that 2 expats were killed, but as soon as it was determined that only Afghan guards died in the attack, there was nothing more written about in international news. This is typical.