The past few days in Kabul have been cool and cloudy with showers on and off all day and evening. This is unusual weather for August, and the Afghans keep making comments about what nice weather we are having. They say that the air is cleaner and the people are healthier. (Even my driver, who has his windshield wipers on, comments on what great weather this is.) This sentiment is a reflection of living in a desert, where rain means that the typical Kabul dust and mid-day summer sun are alleviated.

But it seems strange to me after living in DC, where rain in the summer usually means an increase in humidity and in the fall means the onset of flu-season. And irrespective of the season, it always means terrible traffic.

I typically think of good weather as sunny with a nice breeze. And that has been the weather for the majority of the days I’ve been here (although the breeze often becomes a huge dust cloud). Typically, cloudy, rainy weather makes me want to stay inside, preferably in bed 🙂 But for me here, the rain means getting an introduction to the mud (mud season is officially during winter after the snow melts) and canceling of our weekly volleyball game.