At various times, we have to stay in our guest houses. Right now it is for the Kabul Conference. I can only liken it to bad weather shutting everything down in the U.S. (such as Snow-mageddon this past winter in DC). The difference here is that we can’t go outside (or even play in the snow). We are always under a lot of restrictions, and as soon as you remove those limited freedoms, cabin fever sets in very fast.

We work during the day, dealing with the crappy internet that may one day be improved (insha allah). And, we entertain ourselves after hours by cooking (no staff in the house these days so we’ve taken over the kitchen, also no food delivery this time), watching movies and the news, listening to music, and trying not to get on each others’ nerves. I’m thankful for the other 10 people living in my house, who help keep things interesting.