This week was my brother’s birthday. Thanks to major advances in technology it was easy for me to make the traditional phone call to wish him Happy Birthday. (And luckily, he knows to answer calls from strange numbers.) During our chat, he mentioned that it’s still difficult for him to understand what I see on a daily basis. So this post is meant to provide some everyday scenes from around Kabul.

Note: I am almost always inside a vehicle (when not inside a compound), which means that camera angles and window smudges make for poorer quality pictures, but I think you will appreciate them nonetheless. And, as always, click on the picture for a larger image.

furniture shops and homes on TV Hill

Family crossing the street

Family crossing the street - Cross the street at your own risk.

whacha doin'

whacha doin'

over the mountain

Over the mountain - Because of threat of landslides, the mountains around the city are not allowed to built on. These houses are illegal.


Palace - This is the Darul Aman Palace. The woman to the far left is in a burka. They can be in a variety of colors, but 95% of the ones I see are that standard blue color.