It’s a big holiday in the U.S. Most people have a long weekend, and they will spend time with friends and family at picnics, BBQs, and firework shows.

Here, it’s another work day.

The Canadians celebrated their independence on Thursday at the Canadian Embassy. And many expat Americans will do the same tonight at the U.S. Embassy.

Afghan Independence Day is celebrated August 19th, which is when we have the day off, to celebrate independence from the British. The British relinquished their control over Afghan foreign affairs by signing the Treaty of Rawalpindi on August 8th, 1919. And like most National (and religious) holidays, it has been moved to accommodate different political issues. (The primary one is to be distinct from its neighbors: India celebrates on Aug. 15th, and Pakistan celebrates on Aug. 14th.)

Personally, I miss watching fireworks, but I’m all to happy to avoid any explosions here.