As I’ve mentioned in Grease the wheels, the current system here is convoluted and cumbersome. A lot of the efforts put in place by the international community (read Donors and Aid in Afghanistan) are not well coordinated (or simply not coordinated).

I recognize this is a major issue so I’ve been working very hard to seek out other people/teams who are doing similar work within specific areas of the Afghan government. I would like us to coordinate our efforts, leverage our materials, and share lessons learned. (This goes without saying in the West.)

So it was with quite a bit of surprise that my counterpart received a visit from another team from a different high-level of the government. They wanted to know what we are doing. In their hands, they carried with them a Presidential Decree (signed by Kharzai in May) {For those tracking, that’s the month I came here to support the team.} The Decree outlines the duties of this other team. And those duties are essentially the same work that we are currently doing (with only a slightly different focus). Our team mission is their decree.

The only reason they learned about our work is that they visited a ministry that we had gone to only a couple days previously…

So while I’m here to reduce inefficiencies and redundancies, I’ve learned that I (and my team) are a redundancy!

Issue resolution TBD